[new paper by Timothy F. Jamison and Klavs F. Jensen]


  • C.W. Coley, D.A. Thomas, J.A.M. Lummiss, J.N. Jaworski, C.P. Breen, V. Schultz, T. Hart, J.S. Fishman, L. Rogers, H. Gao, R.W. Hicklin, P.P. Plehiers, J. Byington, J.S. Piotti, W.H. Green, A.J. Hart, T.F. Jamison, and K.F. Jensen, "A robotic platform for flow synthesis of organic compounds informed by AI planning", Science, vol. 365, pp. eaax1566, 2019. http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/science.aax1566